The Spin Factor

A Partisan Hurricane?

Hurricane Florence was most-tweeted subject among Republicans in Congress this past week. Among Democrats? That title still goes to Trump.

As Hurricane Florence made landfall in the U.S. late last week, it gained the Twitter attention of Republicans in Congress, but Democrats remained focused on a different type of storm.

“Trump” and “president” were two of the most frequently tweeted words by Democrats in Congress over the last week, with 304 and 165 tweets respectively. Meanwhile, they had 156 tweets that mentioned the hurricane.

On the other hand, congressional Republicans’ Twitter activity was focused on Hurricane Florence, with “hurricane” (199 tweets), “#hurricaneflorence” (157 tweets) and “#florence” (157 tweets) leading their Twitter dialogue. Republicans in Congress had only 71 tweets that mentioned “Trump.”

One reason for the congressional Twitter divide this week? Red states were among those most affected by Hurricane Florence.