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Kavanaugh Got Republicans’ Tongues

While last week’s Senate hearings on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh captured the attention of much of Washington, D.C. … and Twitter, congressional Republicans stayed relatively mum. In fact, they tweeted more about taxes than Kavanaugh or Ford.

It seems Congress is divided even when it comes to tweeting about congressional activity.

Last week’s Senate hearings on Brett Kavanagh’s Supreme Court nomination quickly became the focus of Washington, D.C., the media and even Saturday Night Live.

Congressional Democrats were outspoken on Twitter, mentioning Ford and Kavanaugh in 8.6% and 8.7% of their tweets respectively over the last week.

But Republicans were comparatively quiet, mentioning Ford and Kavanaugh in just 1.5% and 3.9% of their tweets respectively. Perhaps even more telling is that Republicans mentioned their bread-and-butter topic taxes more than either term, with 148 mentions, or 4.2% of all tweets.