The Spin Factor

Shifting From Politics to Policy

Congress found common ground this week, as members on both sides of the aisle used Twitter to focus on legislative issues. But a closer look reveals that the party divide is still alive and well.

As the 115th Session of Congress nears an end, lawmakers appear to have a renewed focus on their jobs. Over the last few months, we’ve seen The Spin Factor use Twitter to activate their bases and discuss news of the day. But this week, we saw a clear shift from politics to policy.

The top 20 words used by congressional lawmakers over the last week include “bill,” “health,” “act,” “farmbill,” “support,” “bipartisan,” and “passed”, as well as words like “Trump,” “House,” “Senate” and “Congress.”

But despite a common legislative focus among Democrats and Republicans, drilling down further into the top terms shows that the party divide is still alive and well.

Republicans were focused on the Farm Bill (HR 2), which was approved by Congress last week and is headed to the President for his signature. Republicans in Congress tweeted about the Farm Bill 377 times, compared with 223 tweets from Democrats.

Meanwhile, congressional Democrats used Twitter to focus on health care and renew their vows to protect Obamacare. Democrats’ tweets over the last week included 475 “health” mentions, compared with just 60 from Republicans.