President's Friends

Backing Up the President

The accounts President Trump follows on Twitter are backing him up when it comes to criticism of the caravan of Central American migrants heading toward the U.S.-Mexico border. In fact they are tweeting about the caravan four times more often than Congress.

As President Trump’s criticism of a caravan of Central American migrants heading toward the U.S.-Mexico border increased, the users he follows on Twitter – including @DiamondandSilk and @IngrahamAngle – backed him up.

President Trump’s friends tweeted about the migrant caravan 80 times this past week, compared with just 59 tweets from all 535 members Congress combined. Four percent of the tweets by Trump follows mentioned the word “caravan,” compared with 0.86 percent of tweets by congressional members.

Looking more closely at Congress, Republicans tweeted about the caravan nearly three times as often as Democrats.

President's Friends

Making Dad Proud

Donald Trump Jr. has clearly learned a few Twitter lessons from his father. And his followers have noticed.

President Donald Trump’s first-born, Donald Trump Jr., took a page from his father’s Twitter playbook this past week. Among the 47 accounts Trump Sr. follows on Twitter, Trump Jr. had eight of the top 10 most-retweeted tweets. Most of these tweets either defended the president or attacked actions by the Obama Administration and Democrats, just like his dad’s most-popular tweets.

The similarities don’t stop there. Trump Jr. tweeted 114 times in the past week, while Trump Sr. tweeted 117 times. And, Trump Sr. retweeted himself six times, while his son retweeted himself 10 times. Like father, like son…

President's Friends

And The Most Popular Tweeter Is…

If Twitter was a popularity contest, President Trump would surely win among his social media circle. The president received the most retweets — 41 — among the 47 accounts he follows on Twitter.

Fox News took second place, with about half the number of retweets Trump received. In fact, six of the top 10 most retweeted accounts among this group are associated with Fox News, including@FNC_Ladies_Rule, a fan account dedicated to Fox News’ female correspondents.

The only non-conservative Twitter account that made the All the President’s Friends’ top 10 most-retweeted list? @FIFAWorldCup. Proving Americans’ love of soccer crosses party lines.

President's Friends

Trump Continues To Trump

The 47 accounts that Trump follows most commonly retweeted—by nearly double—none other than Trump himself. The other accounts making it onto All the President’s Friends’ most-retweeted list this week include Fox News, Breitbart reporter John Binder and an Ann Coulter fan account.

“Trump” was also the second-most tweeted word among this group (72 tweets), following closely behind the word “children” (80 tweets).

It’s worth noting that the president added a new account to the selectively curated group of people he follows on Twitter—a first since we’ve begun tracking this activity. That account is none other than @VP (Trump was already following @mike_pence). Is this a sign the president is beginning to listen more to his second in command? Only time will tell.

President's Friends

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Who’s the Tweet-Worthiest of Them All?

Looking at the 46 users that President Trump follows on Twitter provides us with a unique understanding of the news feed Trump consumes. Spoiler Alert: Trump’s trending.

This week, 23% of Trump’s friends’ tweets included the phrases “Trump,” “president” or “@realdonaldtrump.”

The top tweet among this selectively curated group – with more than 15,500 retweets – came from Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign manager Brad Parscale. His tweet announced the launch of a new website providing a 500-day record of Trump’s accomplishments because the press is “full of distortions.”

President's Friends

A Direct Line to the President?

President Trump follows a selectively curated group of 45 Twitter accounts. A big benefit of being one of those accounts? You get a direct line to the Tweeter in Chief.

A look at the most-retweeted tweets of this group demonstrates just that, as his “Twitter friends” voice their opinions on the president’s actions or current policy debates, as if speaking directly to him.

For example, Eric Bolling, a conservative political commentator, had a “couple of suggestions” for Trump regarding White House leaks, and Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson gave the president talking points for the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

President's Friends

Like Father Like Son

This week, Donald Trump Jr. had a big uptick in Twitter activity, tweeting 109 times, up from 85 tweets the previous week. Of those posts, he retweeted other accounts 72% of the time, while 28% of his tweets were original.

Meanwhile, Katrina Pierson – the spokesperson for President Trump’s 2016 campaign – had the most tweets this week among the accounts the president follows at 132, with 104 of those being retweets. Piers Morgan takes the prize for the most original content, with 102 of his 113 tweets being his own.

The Trump Twitter base seems to have taken notice of Donald Trump Jr.’s tweet frenzy. Among All the President’s Friends, Donald Trump Jr. was responsible for the three most retweeted tweets last week, in which he discussed unemployment, illegal criminal gangs and the “double standard” against Republicans.