Tweeter in Chief

Executive Time Is for Tweeting

The president’s well-documented, sporadic Twitter behavior was on full display this past week. Nearly 25% of his tweets this week occurred at the 5AM hour when he discussed the Austin bombings, DACA and, of course, his forthcoming wall.

According to an Axios article detailing the President’s daily schedule, Trump has designated “Executive Time,” which tends to fluctuate between the hours of 10AM and 2PM. Interestingly, this timeframe coincided quite nicely with some of Trump’s more consistent Twitter activity in the past week.

Tweeter in Chief

A Retweet (or 20K) Up on the Presidential Hopefuls

Over the last week, President Trump’s tweets averaged more than 20,000 retweets, while the most-likely Democratic presidential candidates only averaged 600 retweets as a group, 3% as many as the president. This is not unexpected, as Trump’s average represents just him, while some of the 20 presidential hopefuls are likely bringing down the group average.

But even when you break them apart, Trump is still head and shoulders above his potential 2020 competition. The top tweet from the president received almost four times the retweets (45K) as the top tweet among the potential Democratic candidates, which was a tweet from Sen. Bernie Sanders (12K).