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The Blue Wave Hits High Tide …. on Twitter at Least

While we’re used to congressional Democrats and Republicans operating in two very different Twitter-verses, it’s still surprising that with the midterm elections just three weeks away, Democrats are tweeting about the elections and encouraging their followers to vote more than 2.5 times as often as Republicans

This week, congressional Democrats turned to Twitter with their “Get Out the Vote” messages. Nearly 160 tweets from Dems mentioned either “election” or “vote,” most of them encouraging their followers to head to the polls in November. Interestingly, Democrats tweeted about the midterms more than 2.5 times as often as Republicans.

While it often seems congressional Democrats and Republicans are operating in two very different

Twitter-verses, it’s surprising to see such tweet disparities when it comes to the upcoming elections.

Perhaps less surprising was Republicans’ near silence on the United Nations’ massive climate change report, which was released last Monday. Democrats in Congress had 122 tweets that mentioned the word “climate,” compared with only three tweets from Republicans.

Republicans instead focused their Twitter activity on Hurricane Michael, with twice as many tweets as Democrats, and calls to have Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testify before the Senate.